Welcome to OpenRiverCam documentation and tutorials

OpenRiverCam is a fully web-based solution for setting up maintaining river observation sites for river flow monitoring with cameras. The software’s backend is based on Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV), and geographical orthprojection methods. With affordable camera equipment and a single field survey, you can start monitoring river flows. Software can be deployed locally or on your home server, or be used through deployment in the cloud. Its user-friendly web interface can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, all in a simple browser. We highly recommend to do the Quick start. to find out if OpenRiverCam will fulfill your needs.

If you do not know how to get OpenRiverCam installed, please contact us at info@rainbowsensing.com, or info@tahmo.org to get a temporary login to one of our web services. This will allow you to get a good flavour of OpenRiverCam.

If you wish to receive services from us, please contact us at info@rainbowsensing.com or info@tahmo.org. We offer the following services:

  • Care free cloud service, fully maintained by us for a monthly or yearly fee.

  • Setup of new sites, including hardware, and training in the setup of sites for your staff.

  • Setup, deployment and maintenance of OpenRiverCam in your own IT environment or cloud, including training how to perform this setup in your own environment

  • Training in usage, interpretation and analysis of river flows

  • Development of new features. As OpenRiverCam is fully open source and free and will remain so indefinitely, any developments will be available to all end users of OpenRiverCam.


The development of OpenRiverCam was funded through a WMO HydroHub grant titled “Open-source non-contact river flow observations with cameras for Africa”.


OpenRiverCam was developed by Rainbow Sensing and the Trans African Hydrometeorological Observatory. OpenRiverCam has been co-designed with Delft, University of Technology, the Tanzanian Meteorological Authority, the Wami-Ruvu basin authority of the Tanzania Ministry of Water and Irrigation, The Netherlands Royal Meteorological Agency and the Waterboard of Limburg - The Netherlands.


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